Jay Hall, Chief Executive Officer
An executive’s mind . . . an artist’s passion . . . a heart for worship. These are the qualities Jay Hall brings to the table as CEO of Maxx Technology. Skilled in project management and finance, Jay understands the fine balance churches seek: producing the highest quality audio, lighting, and video while at the same time practicing fiscal integrity and responsibility.

For Jay, the journey to Maxx Technology began 20 years ago, collaborating with the owner of the legendary Rivendell Studios in Houston. Rivendell, home to such diverse recording artists as Wayne Watson, Petra, B.B. King, and Sammy Hagar, laid the foundation for Jay’s career resume: gifted artist . . .writer and producer . . . worship leader. It’s this foundation that uniquely defines Maxx’s CEO.

His understanding of the infrastructure needed for today’s worship environments coupled with his God-given gift to connect with churches and pastors are hallmarks of the leadership Jay brings to Maxx Technology. As Maxx continues to strive to bring exceptional sound, lighting, and video technology to the worship experience; Jay provides the visionary leadership required to ensure Maxx Technology serves our clients’ with excellence.

David King, Chief Operating Officer
David King is Maxx’s Chief Operating Officer. Whatever the creative team at Maxx Technology dreams up, David is there to make sure the creativity stays realistic and on budget.

But to say David is there for the sole purpose of making sure that outgo isn’t exceeded by income doesn’t tell the whole story. He’s an administrator “par excellence.” As a project manager and event planner, David’s two tools of the trade are, first, out-of-the-box thinking and, second, a stopwatch. For David, problems are merely challenges that haven’t yet found a solution. In addition to his superb problem-solving skills, he’s the one who makes sure that the installation of your church’s new audio/video/lighting system stays on schedule and finishes right on time.

In whatever spare time is left over, David plans and coordinates the production of major ministry conferences, camps, concerts, and events around the country. While COO is his occupation, his motivation is a passion to see the youth of our culture come to Christ.

Mark Sepulveda, Chief Technology Officer
As Maxx’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Sepulveda provides leadership for all the technical aspects of our church audio, video, and lighting designs. With this important leadership position come two very crucial characteristics:

Mark has to know a lot about a little . . . and a little about a lot. Fortunately for our clients, Mark’s technical prowess is such that he knows a lot . . . about a lot.

Mark is an incredibly experienced church technical director. When it comes to audio/video/lighting technology in the church setting, he understands first hand what works and what doesn’t. In his capacity as Director of Media at one of America’s largest churches, Houston’s Second Baptist Church, Mark leads a team of over 30. He consults on the technical details of the worship experience on all three of this massive church’s campuses while also serving as Technical Advisor for the Senior Pastor, Dr. Ed Young’s, weekly satellite broadcasts. Mark has also worked on groundbreaking technology in conjunction with the award-winning console manufacturer, Harrison by GLW.

All that’s to say . . . Mark Sepulveda knows a lot . . . about a lot.

And he knows how to communicate that intricate, detailed technical savvy to pastors and worship leaders in simple, uncomplicated language. Mark’s understanding and expertise are just two of the reasons why more and more churches are choosing Maxx Technology as their sole source for technological solutions.

Martin Culpepper, Chief of Staff
Relationships are like buildings. To last, each one must be built on a solid foundation. For Martin Culpepper, business development at Maxx Technology means that each member of our team works to build strong relationships with pastors and church decision-makers. Of course, Martin is no stranger to building relationships. For over a decade, he represented many of America’s most well-known Christian artists, authors, and pastors. His daily interaction with concert promoters, church pastors, and Christian book and music industry leaders has prepared him for this season of serving with Maxx Technology.

Martin’s definition of serving our customers begins with listening to what you need . . . then listening . . . and then listening some more. When the listening is over, the needs are assessed. Solutions are suggested, and action begins. But the challenge isn’t over until the solution is found. This is total customer service . . . second to none, beginning to end. Listening . . . educating . . . delivering an audio/video/lighting system that enhances your church’s worship experience . . . your satisfaction with Maxx Technology and every member of our team is Martin’s number one priority.

Neal Watson, General Manager
Neal Watson is bi-lingual. He speaks both tech-speak and people-speak. As General Manager for Maxx Technology, Neal talks to you about the technology your church wants—and needs—to maximize your worship experience. After that he communicates your vision to the Maxx design team. Then he accomplishes the trickiest part. He takes their tech-talk expertise and translates it into an easy-to-understand plan for your church’s new technology systems.

Neal’s ability to effectively communicate in both the church and technical worlds comes from years of experience as a worship leader, audio technician, road manager, and Christian record producer. Having run sound in live concert venues, he knows firsthand that accomplishing the small details completes the big picture. Additionally, he works with each of our vendors to make sure you get the equipment you really need at a price your church can afford.

That’s why, from start to finish, Neal is your go-to guy. You never have to guess who you’ll deal with from one day to the next. Neal Watson makes sure your audio/video/lighting installation from Maxx Technology is implemented correctly from start to finish.

Richard Cadena, Senior Lighting Designer
Richard Cadena, Senior Lighting Designer for Maxx Technology, wrote the book on lighting design. Literally. Richard’s text, Focus on Lighting Technology, is used in college lighting design classrooms across the country. Coupled with his nearly two decades of experience in the professional lighting industry, Richard serves as technical editor for Pro Lights and Staging News where he also contributes a column on lighting called “Focus on Technology.”

Richard’s focus at Maxx Technology brings his years of experience to bear on every lighting project Maxx undertakes. He understands that every church is unique, every venue has it’s own distinct corners, angles, and shadings. So when it comes to lighting that truly enhances the worship experience, Richard never relies on a cookie-cutter approach; he applies his own personal knowledge, skill, and touch to every design.

Simply stated, Richard Cadena’s knowledge is unmatched. Take your computer search engine and type: “Richard . . . Cadena . . . lighting,” and you will immediately discover that you have found an individual that truly excels at his craft. That knowledge, combined with his eye for subtlety and his appreciation for the environment most conducive for expressive worship, has helped move Maxx to the forefront of technology for the church in the 21st century.

Josh Berry, Project Manager
Josh Berry, Project Manager at Maxx Technology, operates in seamless tandem with our designers and project superintendents. Day in and day out, Josh works with the best of the best to plot the most effective and efficient audio, lighting, and video systems for our church clients.

When you are working side by side with men whose expertise is second-to-none, you better have a pretty good resume yourself. Josh Berry’s resume is pretty good and then some.

His ability to make a room “work”—for the artist and the audience—was well-nurtured through years of tour experience with such outstanding and diverse musical talents like Faith Hill, Bebo Norman, The Newsboys, Caedmon’s Call, and a big host of others.

Josh is a specialist in the planning, coordination, and logistics of large-scale audio/video/lighting systems. He brings to the table a keen eye—and ear—as well as a discernment that allows Maxx Technology to maximize excellence in every worship environment.